I am an aspiring director currently attending Full Sail University, one of the premiere schools in the world for the entertainment, media, and arts industry.

As a sophomore in high school I entered my first film competition and won on both the county and state levels. The very next year, I entered my first animated film into the NAACP Academic Olympics and brought home a silver medal.

From there I shot Broken Hearted, my first short film and green screen project. Broken Hearted is a documentary of a seven year old girl whose mother abruptly left her never to return. Narrated by the young lady, who is now an adult and esteemed violinist, Broken Hearted offers insight into the profound effects a broken heart can have on an individual. Backed by research and interviews of healthcare professionals, clerics, and elders, the feature has garnered the attention of individuals, such as award winning rapper/producer Ludacris, who after seeing the film, purchased new equipment for my schools computer lab to inspire other students to utilize technology to pursue their dreams.

Though fortunate enough to have these positive experiences support my pursuit to become a director, I've always understood that there is no better support than a degree and hands on experience in the film industry.

Now, 21 - I've worked extremely hard to become and remain employable within the field. Since graduating high school, I've worked hard to begin learning as much as I can within the film industry, and have since been involved in a growing list of projects.

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"...willing to do any task I asked her to and had a passion for learning all aspects of the motion picture industry."

Robin Michael Bush - Vampire Diaries, Drop Dead Diva, Marry Me, Star Trek, Mommy Dearest & Hollywood Costume Supervisor for 30 Years

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